Netflix Is Testing A Feature That Switches Off ‘Still Watching?’ Pop-Up

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Netflix Is Testing A Feature That Switches Off 'Still-Watching' Pop-upDaniel Richardson

Netflix may finally give viewers a long-awaited feature that will allow them to stop the ‘still watching?’ prompt.

Many Netflix watchers have been annoyed and ashamed when the streaming service asks them whether they are still watching their binge-worthy series. However, this is set to change, with the streaming platform beginning to test a function that allows viewers to turn off the prompt. 


Details are currently sparse, but a Nexthink spokesman has told The Verge that Netflix users will be able to switch off the prompt. It seems that viewers will simply be able to edit their settings so that the pop-up that often leads to half a crunch in order to get to the device or remote is gone permanently. As a result, many are keen to test out this new option. 

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The testing of the removal of this prompt will be staggered across territories – likely in an attempt to gauge its popularity– but not everyone will want to watch their favourite series endlessly.

The prompt can stop viewers from losing their place if they get distracted, or fall asleep, while their programme continues. It also helps reduce the electricity used by households, which can ultimately lower bills and prevent energy waste. With that in mind, the feature is only being tested and it may not be implemented if there is a negative reaction from those who find the prompt useful. 

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Nonetheless, many will now look forward to lazy weekends streaming their favourite series with no prompt to make them feel guilty. The only thing Netflix needs to do now is to stop cancelling shows after their third season and everyone will be happy.

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