Netflix Is Turning Us All Into Binge-Watching Zombies Apparently


A study has found that American’s now spend more time watching Netflix than doing almost any other leisure activity…

The investigation by found that on average people spend more time binge-watching series than socialising, exercising and reading – combined. Woah.

tv_wikimedia-commonsWikimedia Commons

They’ve managed to work out this data because of Netflix’s own boasting about their impressive figures. In January the company CEO, Reed Hastings, said subscribers were streaming 125 million hours each day and later that month they passed the 75 million subscriber mark.

Doing the math with those figures leads you to the conclusion that each Netflix subscriber spends about 100 minutes on the site each day.

Netflix’s 100 minutes completely eclipses the 38 minutes a day Americans spend ‘socializing and communicating’, the 17 minutes they spend ‘participating in sports, exercise, and recreation’, and the 19 minutes they spend reading. All figures that have previously been provided by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tracks how Americans live their lives.

It’s pretty impressive that a company most people had never even heard of five years ago could come to dominate our lives so completely.

If you’re reading this from outside America and feeling pretty smug about your life. I wouldn’t be too hasty, trends that start in America tend to spread around the world eventually. Like a zombie plague.