Netflix Just Dropped ‘Mind-Bending’ Dark Season 2 Trailer

by : Emily Brown on : 30 May 2019 19:34
Dark season 2Dark season 2Netflix

Netflix has dropped a baffling, intricate new trailer for the second season of Dark, and if you weren’t intrigued before, you will be after watching it.


The first season of the hit German series arrived on the streaming service in 2017, and although many viewers didn’t speak the same language as the characters, the subtitled series became a huge hit.

Season one introduced fans to four families in the fictional German town of Winden, and followed their investigations into the disappearance of several children, as well as a mystery which tied back to 1986.

Check out the trailer for season two here:


Netflix described the new scenes as ‘mind-bending’, and I don’t think I could have said it better myself. The trailer shows how events are linked across time, and details how the characters are caught in a cycle which will seemingly span out over the course of the show.

The streaming service released a picture of the first page of the script, showing season two will open with scenes set in 1921, along with a new modern-day time period of 2020.

It also hints at different inserts from June 21, 1954, 1987 and 2020, and of course June 21, 2019 is also a significant date for the show, as that’s when the new series will drop.

Dark season twoDark season twoNetflix

Netflix are certainly taking viewers on a journey through the years with Dark.

Season one left fans with a number of unanswered questions, as it ended with Jonas having travelled into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

As confusing as the trailer looks, hopefully the new episodes will provide answers to some of the mysteries raised. It seems much of the action will be devoted to understanding exactly why the ‘apocalypse’ which was hinted at in season one happens in 2052, and whether anything can be done to stop it.

Dark season 2Dark season 2Netflix

Radio Times report showrunners Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese have promised season two will include new characters and new time levels, both in the past and the future. Some of the newcomers include Sylvester Groth, Winfried Glatzeder and Sandra Borgmann.

Season two will be made up of eight episodes, though with all the different timelines to keep track of fans might have to watch it more than once to really get their head around it!

Hopefully the new episodes will live up to the success of the first season!

Dark returns to Netflix on June 21, 2019. 

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