Netflix’ New ‘El Chapo’ Series Looks Absolutley F*cking Brilliant


Netflix is about to kill the drug-crime drama genre again with a series about the nefarious El Chapo.

For those of you looking to fill a Narcos-sized void in your life, it looks like your prayers have been answered as they have co-produced a series (with Story House Entertainment) based on the life of the Mexican drug lord.

The series will premier first on America’s Univision’s channel on April 23, and will cover three decades of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s life, played by actor Marco de la O.

The series will start in 1985 when he was still a low-ranked member of the Guadalajara Cartel.

Check out the trailer for El Chapo here:

From there it covers everything from his rise to power, his multiple prison escapes and his eventual downfall.

In a statement from Story House Productions they said they hope to ‘unfold’ the true tale of ‘the most notorious drug lord of our times’.

General Manager, Christian Gabela said:

We think viewers will be truly captivated by both Marco’s performance and this story of power, ambition, corruption, secrecy, and deception.

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From 2009 to 2011 El Chapo was ranked as one of the mot powerful people in the world and at the height of his power he was considered the second most powerful drug dealer in the world (behind Carlos Slim) and the tenth richest person in Mexico.

As mentioned before, not only is he known for his business acumen in the world of Narcotics but he was also famed for his ‘daring’ escapes, evading police, federal agents and breaking out of prison numerous times.

However in 2016 he was finally apprehended (after breaking out of prison for a second time) after a nationwide manhunt that required the expertise of the Colombian police.