Netflix’s Latest Rom Com Is About The ‘Oppression’ Of Being A Tall White Girl

by : Emily Brown on : 02 Sep 2019 17:50
Netflix new film is about the oppression of a tall white girlNetflix new film is about the oppression of a tall white girlNetflix

It’s a film-plot as old as time; high school girl dealing with friends, family and bullies meets a handsome guy who sweeps her off her feet, but there’s something standing in the way of their love. 


We’ve seen it in Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and while the plot isn’t exactly groundbreaking it still manages to be entertaining. Well, I think so at least.

Netflix have managed to inject a bit of originality into their latest teen romcom, however, because the protagonist isn’t just a high school girl – she’s a really tall high school girl. 6’1″, to be precise.

The movie, aptly titled Tall Girl, tells the story of 16-year-old Jodi, played by Ava Michelle, who is conscious of her height and what people think about it.


One scene shows a guy about to ask her out, only to run for the hills when he realises how tall she is. Of course, that’s nothing to do with Jodi herself but rather an indicator of the guy’s insecurities, given his apparent dread of being with someone taller than him.

Tall Girl NetflixTall Girl NetflixNetflix

The 16-year-old compares herself to her ‘perfect’ sister Harper (Sabrina Carpenter) and embarks on a journey of self-love throughout the film.

While it will no doubt be cheesy, the film will be a good source of inspiration for any particularly tall girls out there who have ever felt conscious about their height.

However, some social media users have been quick to point out that the very quality Jodi is conscious of is a coveted trait among supermodels.


Tall Girl comes complete with a supportive best friend in the form of Fareeda (Anjelika Washington), as well as a good looking new exchange student named Stig. Oh, and we can’t forget about the obligatory make-over sequence, of course.

Stig, with his flowing blonde hair, is the tall guy of Jodi’s dreams but naturally the other high school girls take an interest, leaving Jodi doubting her ability to compete.

Fareeda encourages her friend to accept herself for who she is, saying ‘one day Jodi, you’re going to stand up and say “I love all 73 inches of myself”‘ and thankfully Stig doesn’t appear to be threatened simply by the fact Jodi is tall as he points out she’s more than just her height.

Tall Girl NetflixTall Girl NetflixNetflix

A synopsis for the movie reads:

Jodi’s new crush turns her world upside down and throws her into a surprising love triangle. Jodi comes to realise that she’s far more than her insecurities about her appearance have led her to believe.

The decision to zero-in on the struggles of a tall white girl has certainly caused some controversy – and the film isn’t even out yet. It will be interesting to see what people have to say when it’s actually released.

Tall Girl will be available to stream on Netflix from September 13. 

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