Netflix’s New True Crime Drama Exhibit A ‘Destroying’ Criminal Justice System

Netflix's New True Crime Drama Exhibit A 'Destroying' Criminal Justice SystemNetflix

If you’re a fan of all things grim and morbid, then consider Netflix’s Exhibit A your newest obsession.

The four-part docuseries explores the terrifying truth on how forensic evidence can be misinterpreted and manipulated.

It begins with a forensic investigator going to scan a property in which a crime has clearly taken place, as the voiceover says: ‘There is a universal truth. The problem is that we’re all humans and getting to that universal truth isn’t something we’re inherently capable of.’

You can watch the full trailer here:

Ever since its release on the online streaming giant, Exhibit A has gone down a treat with true crime lovers who have been left equally curious and enraged with the US judicial system.

One viewer tweeted: ‘Ten minutes into Netflix docuseries Exhibit A and I’m hooked and angry with the judicial system,’ while another added ‘so the Netflix show Exhibit A is out here DESTROYING my state’s judicial system and I’m LIVING FOR IT.’

The description for episode one, Cadaver Dogs, reads: ‘Assumptions pass for facts when Detroit police misuse cadaver dogs to build a murder case against a man whose daughter has disappeared.’ Chilling.

Exhibit A was made by Kelly Loudenberg, best known for her work creating and directing The Confession Tapes. Both series explore how forensic evidence used in criminal cases can be widely misinterpreted depending on who is gathering said evidence and what story they wish to tell.

Exhibit A is available to stream on Netflix now.

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