Netflix’s Terrifying New Movie Pihu Is ‘Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare’

by : Julia Banim on : 10 Aug 2019 11:10
Pihu Netflix MoviePihu Netflix MovieNetflix

A disturbing new movie has landed on Netflix, complete with the sort of scenes which will make you go cold all over.

However, Pihu isn’t a film about supernatural beings or bloodthirsty axe murderers. It follows an adorable little girl as she navigates her family home with all the innocence and misunderstandings of a two-year-old.

The horror lies in the fact there is nobody around to stop the toddler from burning herself on irons and clambering up bookcases. Young Pihu (Myra Vishwakarma) has been left completely alone in her home, with only her mother’s dead body for company.


You can watch the full trailer here:

The 2018 Indian social thriller has been dubbed ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’, and the trailer alone is enough to leave your nerves completely frazzled.

I personally don’t even have children, but the sight of tiny Pihu toddling about from one disaster to the next has left me tugging at my hair with anxiety.


In the trailer we see Pihu trapping herself inside a refrigerator before thankfully fighting her way out. In another scene, we see her climbing over the railings of an extremely high balcony.

There is smashed glass on the floor and flames flickering on the stove, all while balloons are still strewn from Pihu’s second birthday party. Again and again Pihu tries to wake up her dead mother, but to no avail.


The gut-wrenching film has proven way too much for some viewers, many of whom cannot help but see their own kids in the character of Pihu.

One person tweeted:

If you have a weak heart, I suggest not to watch this movie Pihu. The movie is so disturbing it’ll stress you out for the whole freaking hour. But it’s a 10/10 for me; really a must-watch movie. The ending was heartbreaking but I really love it.

Another shuddered:


Oh my gosh… Have y’all seen the movie #Pihu? I cried myself to sleep last night watching that. It was so good but so sad. All I could think about is that little girl being Aviana and my heart could not take it!!! Man…

Perhaps what makes this movie even more terrifying is that it draws from true events. As reported by The National, Pihu is based on a real life case in 2014, where a child from New Delhi was left home alone with their dead parents.


Writer-director Vinod Kapri told FilmiBeat.com those who have been left disturbed by the trailer shouldn’t try and sit through the film itself, noting, ‘It is not for the faint-hearted’.

Those with a steelier nerve than mine can watch Pihu on Netflix now.

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