New Face/Off Movie Is A Sequel Not A Reboot According To Director

by : Daniel Richardson on : 12 Feb 2021 09:55
New Face/Off Movie Is A Sequel Not A Reboot According To DirectorBuena Vista International

Face/Off is a classic 90s action film with a unique premise and the director of a new instalment has now revealed that the project will be a direct sequel to the hit 90s movie. 

The original Face/Off was released in 1997 and had a ridiculous plot that saw John Travolta and Nicolas Cage swapping faces in an attempt to ruin each other’s lives.


The signature action of director John Wu was also present in the compellingly crazy film with slow-motion doves and eccentric performances, many feel that the successful action movie was a product of its time. Nonetheless, a new movie is on the way.

Director of Godzilla Vs Kong, Adam Wingard, has revealed plans to make a sequel to the 90s classic.

In an Instagram post, Wingard wrote:

I would NEVER re-imagine or remake FACE/OFF. It’s a perfect action movie. Simon Barrett and I are writing a direct SEQUEL!


It’s unclear whether this means that John Travolta will be returning in a new film or, in a twist as crazy as swapping the face of your enemy, Nicolas Cage will come back. Either way, fans of the film will be excited by the respect that Wingard has for the original material.

Fans will want to look forward to unhinged performances, plenty of melodramatic action and one-liners like ‘Hey Sean, how’s your dead son?’ If the sequel can deliver this kind of content, then it could be a successful addition to the story.

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