New Footage ‘Proves’ Georgia And Jack’s Kiss Was Faked On Love Island

by : Julia Banim on : 10 Jul 2018 18:37
Jack and Georgia kiss on Love Island.Jack and Georgia kiss on Love Island.ITV

Good grief. This season’s Love Island is so gosh darn complicated you need a PhD in reality television studies to even begin to unpack the tangled web of lip-locking.


Now, I was fuming along with the best of them when likeable Georgia Steel was unceremoniously chucked by Josh for newcomer, Kazimir Crossley.

But since then, the spurned lady has turned from sweet to savage, apparently pouncing on newcomer Jack right under Laura Anderson’s furious nose.

Worst of all fellow sofa-islanders, we too have been snaked big time by this controversial smooch…


Now, let’s begin with the original story of betrayed loyalties and shattered friendships.

20-year-old Georgia kicked up a right storm when she chose to have a first date with footballer Jack – who was already loved up with her supposed mate Laura. A girl-code no-no if ever there was one.

29-year-old air hostess Laura was understandably peeved at this decision, raging:

I’m not going to comfort the girl because she’s taking the guy I’m seeing out on a date. I’m nice but I’m not that nice. Give me a break!

I don’t believe that Georgia doesn’t fancy Jack. I think she fancies Jack. 100 per cent.

After having her heart bruised by Wes, Laura was understandably nervous about the date. And sadly, her suspicions were justified.

Indeed, when Georgia and Jack (not to be confused with Jack Fincham) headed out on their first date, their friendship appeared to be anything but platonic.


Unleashing her inner snake, a gooey-eyed Georgia purred:

Don’t get me wrong, I think you and Laura are lovely, but at the same time I have to look at a bigger variety.

At the end of the day, I ain’t here to take the easy route, I’m in here to be me.

As they enjoyed a bottle of champagne together in the sunshine, Jack confessed:

If there was a girl at the moment who could spin my head, it would be you because out of all the girls in there, apart from Laura I’ve got to know you more than anyone… It’s a bit of an eye opener.

The date took a steamier turn when Jack leaned in for a peck on the cheek. At this point, Georgia placed her hands beneath his face and went for a bit of lip action.

However, the events all got a little bit murky, with both contestants claiming the other had instigated the snog.

Jack insisted he ‘went in for a kiss on her cheek and she came towards me straight on and she kissed me on the lips.’

But Georgia had a different story entirely, protesting, ‘I don’t graft anyone, he came to kiss me.’ Who were we to believe?


Luckily, Detective Caroline Flack was on the case and, using video assisted referee footage, figured out once and for all who was the kisser and who was the innocent kissee.

However, this footage – shot from three separate angles – only raised more questions than answers. Namely, was this kiss… fixed? Surely Love Island would never stoop so low…

Studious fans noticed how the replayed kiss was slightly off in terms of timing, proving the scene had actually been shot twice.

In the first angle, Wes and Muggy Megan could be seen kissing just as Georgia and Jack rose from their chairs to kiss.

However, in the next shot, Georgia and Jack were already locking lips while Megan and Wes got up from the table.

People are furious at this complete disregard for documentary integrity.

One person ranted:

Are any of these ‘Reality TV’ shows actually real anymore?! They’re all so predictable, I’m bored of them.

They’ve had their day, it’s time to drop them now. All one big fake snooze fest.

Another raved:

The first one was obviously the awks one and then they redid it for camera: double awks.

So, what are we saying? Fake or the real deal?

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