New Karen Movie Looks Scarier Than Any Word With Your Manager

by : Emily Brown on : 18 Jun 2021 15:14
New Karen Movie Looks Scarier Than Any Word With Your ManagerAloe Entertainment

Orange Is The New Black’s Taryn Manning portrays the ultimate ‘Karen’ in a new trailer for the upcoming thriller inspired by the notorious stereotype.

In the film, Manning, who played Tiffany Doggett on the hit Netflix series, takes on the role of a racist, entitled, white American woman who terrorises her new Black neighbours.


Directed by Coke Daniels, Karen aims to blend together many of the controversial actions and comments made by women with similar outlooks that have gone viral over the past few years, with several of the opinionated people being labelled with the nickname ‘Karen’.

Check out the trailer below:

It’s clear Karen will play right into the stereotypes, as just seconds into the trailer Manning’s character informs another customer at a restaurant that she’s more than willing to seek out the establishment’s manager.


In true form, the things Karen takes issue with appear to actually be of relatively little inconvenience, such as laughing too loudly in the restaurant and leaving bins out on the curb after rubbish collection. Things quickly become more intense, however, when Karen decides to get the police involved.

Speaking to TMZ, Manning explained that she decided to take on the role of the infuriating woman because she’s sick of the real-world behaviour that has inspired her character.

Taryn Manning as Karen (Aloe Entertainment)Aloe Entertainment

She explained: ‘It felt like a social responsibility – even though I’m playing the opposing side. If I have to play the villain and do all that to help make change… I was more than willing to step into the role. If you don’t like me in the role, perfect, I did my job just great.’


Manning went on to describe the racist behaviour that has been called out on social media branding so-called Karens as ‘devastating’, adding that it is ‘time for change.’

Through his role as director, Daniels expressed his plans to try to understand the psychology behind the ‘Karens’ of the world, explaining that a big part of his job is to ‘answer as many of the ‘whys?’ as possible.’

Taryn Manning as Karen on the phone (Aloe Entertainment)Aloe Entertainment

In doing this, Daniels does not want to ‘justify’ the actions portrayed by Manning in the film, but instead explore the behaviour and highlight how micro-aggressions can turn into racism and violence.


Among those who have been branded ‘Karens’ in recent months include a woman who called the police on a Black man who was birdwatching in New York’s Central Park as well as the several anti-maskers who have protested rules throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

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