New Netflix Show Is So Horrific People Can’t Get Through First Episode

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Another day, another stellar Netflix recommendation.


Yep, it seems the online streaming service is dishing out more A* crime dramas and documentaries than it can shake a stick at.

New release The Sinner holds a remarkable 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, (at the time of writing).

Starring Jessica Biel as the main character, it follows the story of a young mother who commits a public crime and the subsequent attempts from an investigation team to discover not what she did, but why she did it.

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See? Interesting take on the murder mystery genre. Not just a pretty face is Netflix.

It’s arguably Biel’s biggest role in the last couple of years, having fallen prey to a number of poorly reviewed gigs.

She plays Cora Tanetti, a self-destructive mother who one day stabs a seemingly innocent man to death, while on a family day out at the beach.

Check out the trailer below:

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Yet the why part – this is where Detective Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, comes into it.

The Sinner also stars Christopher Abbott, of Girls fame, as Cora’s husband, Mason.

Dohn Norwood – Ambrose’s right-hand-man, is portrayed by Dan Leroy and Abby Miller plays the role budding policewoman, Caitlin Sullivan.


The Sinner is an adaption of the 1999 novel of the same name by German crime writer, Petra Hammesfahr.

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Critic Brian Tallerico, writing for website Roger Ebert, said of the show:

At the beginning of every summer, outlets like Entertainment Weekly try to offer a selection of books that fall under the often-escapist banner of ‘Beach Reads’.

You know the kind of book they mean — something you buy in an airport gift shop and leave in the cabana before you head back to reality.

They’re often critically derided but harder to pull off successfully than they’re given credit for. They require a delicate balance of plot and character, with twists that keep the pages turning and people you want to find out more about.

They’re often easy to read in a day or two because you can’t put them down.

If I had all eight episodes of The Sinner, I would have watched them consecutively. It’s the television version of a page-turner, as you inch forward in your seat, waiting to see where it goes next.

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Jessica Biel has spoken of the surprise success of the crime drama, saying it felt like her and the team were doing something they’d never seen before.

She also revealed it never occurred to her they would receive such great ratings.

Most of the talk on Twitter about The Sinner is positive:


Speaking to Variety, Biel said:

We definitely wanted you to feel like you have been lied to in the first few episodes, because you have been.

She does know a little bit more than she’s saying. Even though it may not be real, she believes it’s real, but then there’s a moment where she starts to question what she knows, and that’s the point where the unreliable narrator becomes very unreliable, even to herself and she’s now invested in finding the answer, too, because the story she thought was true, is just not.

You can catch The Sinner on Netflix right now.

Well, maybe not if you’re at work, but definitely after.

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