New Netflix Thriller Series Has People Glued To Their Screens


Another day, another new Netflix drama which everybody is raving about.

Seven Seconds, which debuted on February 23, is picking up positive criticism from every corner of the internet thanks to its mix of story and style.

The plot follows the tale of one white cop, Pete Jablonski, (Beau Knapp), who accidentally runs over a black teenager and attempts to cover it up with the help of a few immoral officers.

It also stars British actress Clare-Hope Ashitey as KJ Harper.


In an interview with Rolling Stone she said:

Between Trump’s election and Brexit, there were all sorts of opinions coming out of the woodwork that I thought had died out a long time ago.

I was like, what’s the point? All we do is bad things. The history of humanity is the history of people exploiting each other.

The timing definitely made it easier to tap into her despair. I imagine KJ being very idealistic in the beginning. Like, I’m going to make a difference and be really fair and address the imbalance in the system and then she hops onto this train and can’t do anything to change its direction.

Watch the trailer here:

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Writer and creator Veena Sud added:

It was very important KJ is a young black woman struggling with her own demons. As a woman of color, I see so few [of my peers] who are allowed to be multi-dimensional and human.

I wanted our hero to come from the black community, to understand in her heart – and not simply her head – how broken the criminal justice system is.

One day I came home exhausted, at the end of my rope and I turned on the TV – Children of Men was on. It was the scene when Clare meets Clive Owen, and the first thing she basically says to him is ‘F*ck off.’ I said, ‘Where is this woman? We have to see her right away, she’s amazing.’

You can catch it on Netflix right now. Go. What are you waiting for?