New Series Of Supernanny Starts Tonight On E4 After Eight Years Away

by : Emily Brown on : 20 Jul 2020 09:52
New Series Of Supernanny Starts Tonight On E4 After Eight Years AwayNew Series Of Supernanny Starts Tonight On E4 After Eight Years AwayChannel 4

It’s been eight long years since we last saw parenting expert Jo Frost take on some of the world’s most out-of-control kids, but she’s set to return tonight to teach mums and dads all the tricks of the trade. 

There’s probably a lot of people out there who didn’t have kids when Jo was last on TV, and who would tune in to Supernanny in shock to see just how wild kids could be.

Fast forward almost a decade, and anyone who’s become a parent in that time will probably be able to recall at least one occasion on which they could have done with a supernanny of their own.


See a trailer for the new show below:

Of course, things aren’t likely to have got any easier through lockdown, when schools closed and parents found themselves having to take on the role of rule enforcer, friend, teacher and chef 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the summer holidays now upon us as well, Jo’s help couldn’t come at a better time.

The new series of Supernanny is a reboot of her US version of the show which is set to air on E4 tonight, July 20. Through the episodes, the parenting expert will meet families who are reaching their wits’ end as a result of youngsters who are stubborn, misbehaving and sometimes downright rude.


In a statement about the new series, Channel 4 said:

From stubborn toddler tantrums and tweens who just won’t listen, to parents on the edge of a complete meltdown – it’s safe to say that things on E4 are about to seriously get a whole lot more explosive.

Following pleading messages from parents across the pond, this must-see iconic reality series sees Jo Frost – Supernanny come to the rescue of these parents who are at the end of their tether, from struggling to control their troublesome kids to their relationships being put to the test.


While parents spend years trying to get their kids under control, Jo faces the challenge of attempting to do so in a matter of days, and the meltdowns, tears and tantrums prove that it’s never an easy task.

The supernanny uses ‘challenging yet life-changing plans’ to help bring some normality and harmony to the households and to ensure that stressed parents and naughty kids don’t slip back into their old ways as soon as her back is turned.

Supernanny originally aired on Channel 4 from 2004–2008 in the UK before Jo moved across the pond for her US version of the show, which ran from January 2005 to March 2011.


Supernanny will air weekly from Monday, July 20 at 9pm on E4.

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