New Show Looking For Single People With Dogs To Go On A Date


Dating is hard at the best of times, trying to find someone you’re attracted to and are also prepared to share a bathroom with is quite a complicated thing – especially if you’ve got a pet you want to keep happy too.

Lets face it, at the early stage of a relationship you definitely care about your dog more than any potential partner, because dogs are straight up better than people, so making sure your dog is happy with your new partner is important.

A new dating show plans to address exactly this problem by turning first dates from affairs of the heart into affairs of the bark.

They claim they’re looking for:

Eligible singles to put their dating destiny entirely in the paws of their dog.

I’m not really sure what that means – hopefully it doesn’t involve crotch sniffing though.

To be fair putting your love life in ‘the paws of your dog’ might not be such a bad idea, in my experience dogs are a very good judge of character. Certainly much better than me when I’m half a bottle of red into a date.


If you’re looking to find puppy love you need to send a photo of you and your dog as well and your ‘partner preference’ to the casting team at [email protected].

Just make sure you’re single before you apply – else you might end up in the dog house.