New Squid Game Bloopers Show Hilarious Behind The Scenes Action

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Bloopers and behind-the-scenes clips from the hit Netflix series Squid Game have been released, and the footage looks hilarious. 

The new hit South Korean survival series has hooked viewers worldwide since it was first released on Netflix on September 17.


Costing around £12.3 million to make, the nine-episode series features some epic sets, inspired by children’s games and being set in a Hunger Games-style arena located on an island, where 456 participants battle to the death for a huge cash sum.

Bloopers from behind-the-scenes of Squid Game have since been released, giving an insight into series secrets and how, contrary to the gore, some scenes were quite fun to film.

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Production began in 2020 and all casting was completed by June 2020, The Tab reports and, according to an Instagram post by cast member HeYeon Jung, filming had wrapped up by November 2020.


The first insight into the filming of the show is how the sets were all built from scratch. Lee Jung-Jae, who plays  Seong Gi-hun, noted how the custom-made scenery was ‘almost dreamlike’. However, the art director for the show, Chae Kyung-sun, noted how the sets weren’t easy to achieve, explaining that the most effort went into the episode based on the real-life back alleys of South Korea, featuring the marbles game.

Similarly to the sets, the doll who hosted the first deadly game, ‘Red Light, Green Light’, is real and was also specifically created for the show. She has since been on display in Jincheon County in Chungcheongbuk-do Province, in South Korea.

Check out some of the action, along with hilarious bloopers, below:


Unlike the scenery, the honeycomb used for the second challenge was real. The set had an allocated member who was in charge of making the honeycomb circles, which resulted in the whole set smelling of honeycomb during the day they filmed the episode. According to The Tab, they were known as ‘the honeycomb master’ among actors and the scene was noted as being particularly memorable to film due to the sweet aromas.

Not only was the honeycomb game scene actually pretty sweet, but the cast have a great relationship off camera too. Their Instagram accounts show how the cast are all really good friends off the set, with Kim Joo-Ryung posting pictures alongside HoYeon Jung and Anupam Tripathi, noting how there have been ‘eternal friendship[s]’ made from the series.

Despite the friendships made as a result of the filming of the series, the experience wasn’t always so wonderful, with HoYeon Jung noting how ‘actually terrifying‘ the glass bridge game was to film.


A real-life tournament of Squid Game is being held in the United Arab Emirates – minus the killing – and requires applicants to fill out a form testing their knowledge of the series.

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