New Teaser For The Sinner Season 2 Just Dropped And It Looks Intense


The second series of The Sinner is soon to be released in the UK, and Netflix have shared a teaser which has got everyone excited for more gory, intense, murder-filled entertainment. 

The first season of the American drama was released last year, and was based on the German novel by Petra Hammesfahr. Season two, on the other hand, has been created purely from the imagination of the show’s production team.

The second season of The Sinner is set to drop on November 9, so we can extend the gore and horror of Halloween by a few days to make sure the show’s release is fitting for the season.

Fans of the show will know it’s not exactly a cheery Christmas series – check out the footage here:

The teaser shows the return of Detective Harry Ambrose, who’s called upon for help on a case which involves a particularly horrifying crime – two parents murdered by their 11-year-old son.

In an interesting twist on murder mystery shows, the show doesn’t focus on who was behind the murder, more as to why they were behind it.

The young boy has no apparent motive, but as Ambrose starts to delve further into his life, the detective realises there’s nothing ordinary about him, or where he came from.

The sinnerNetflix

Ambrose heads back to rural New York to learn about the murder, which sees him uncover the mysterious and dark hidden parts of his hometown – though he’s working against people who are trying to protect its secrets.

Carrie Coon appears in the second season as the mysterious Vera, who makes her mark as a complicated piece of the already mysterious puzzle.

If the preview is anything to go by, the second season of The Sinner is certainly going to be an intriguing one.

Executive producer Jessica Biel, who starred in the first season, shared another teaser of season two back in June, before the show began airing in the US on August 1.

Posting the clip on Twitter, she wrote:

Once again, we know WHO did it… but we don’t know WHY. Here’s an exclusive first look at #TheSinner Season 2. [sic]

She’s expressed her hopes for involvement in the show’s second season in the past, but it seems like Biel’s character won’t be returning.

According to Indiewire, she said:

We did talk a lot about does Cora come back for Season 2 and what is the relationship because that’s what was interesting to me. [sic]

What happens when a woman goes through that? What is life like after that when the only person really in her life that she can connect with, even besides her husband, is the detective who got her out of this thing? But we just couldn’t do it this particular season.

With a new storyline, new characters, and new mysteries to be solved, season two of The Sinner is certainly going to make for some good viewing.

Bring on November 9!

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