New Thriller October Faction Is Being Called The Best Series On Netflix

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New Thriller October Faction Is Being Called The Best Series On NetflixNetflix

Netflix’s new thriller October Faction is being hailed as the best series on the streaming service. 

The scary family drama only arrived on Netflix last week, January 23, but it has taken subscribers by storm, with many having already binged the entire series.


It may seem surprising, as the show seems to have come out of nowhere – at least in my opinion. It could be that I’ve been living under rock, or that Netflix was too busy targeting me with ads for Sex Education and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I’ve not seen the show advertised at all.

It turns out there is a trailer though; check it out below:


Though promotion seems to have been minimal, fans of the series have saved the streaming service a job because their raving reviews are encouraging anyone who is yet to watch October Faction to get on with it.


The supernatural horror is based on the comicbook of the same name, which was written by Steve Niles and Damien Worm. It follows the story of husband and wife Fred and Deloris, who attempt to hunt down monsters while keeping their sinister profession a secret from their teenage children, twins Geoff and Viv.

In the meantime, Geoff and Viv are busy harbouring their own strange secrets.

Netflix thriller October Faction praisedNetflix

October Faction stars Bones’s Tamara Taylor as Deloris and The Wolf of Wall Street’s J. C. MacKenzie as Fred, with Aurora Burghart (Sex Education) and Gabriel Darku (Slasher) playing their children.


The series is made up of a healthy 10 episodes that are each around 40 minutes long, making for the perfect binge-watch. Those who have already completed the series have taken to Twitter to rave about the show, with many hoping it will come back for a second season.

One fan wrote:

October faction is the best show on Netflix I swear.

Another tweeted:


I accidentally watched the entire season overnight (couldn’t resist). one Hell of a show, super badass and now my favorite show on Netflix. Ready for season 2.


While October Faction is full of the supernatural, it also tackles some real, serious issues like racism and homophobia.

MacKenzie spoke to Hidden Remote about how the show uses monsters as a metaphor, saying:

My wife and I are on missions, often, in these huge cosmopolitan centers, where racism is… It’s not that it’s not an issue, but it’s less of an issue than it would be for a small, rural town—for instance, the one that [my character] grew up in.

Taylor’s character – we went to high school together… she was way out of my league. She was this beautiful African-American woman; and I’m, like, a nerdy white dude. But we hooked up afterwards, and it’s when we come back that we encounter – quite quickly – a lot of judgment along those areas.

Netflix thriller October Faction praisedNetflix

The actor continued:

It turns out to be a little bit of a red herring… So, the kids certainly deal with that in school, as biracial. And so, I mean, the monsters are – I think – a metaphor for the xenophobic paranoia of others that is rampant today, especially with what’s going on in the Trump administration. So, it’s an interesting piece.

[The series] is both a supernatural thriller and a character-driven family drama about a marriage—really, the ups and downs of marriage. And homophobia and racism.

October Faction’s high praise and tackling of social issues suggest it’s definitely worth a watch – or a 10-hour binge. Hopefully it will live up to the hype!

October Faction is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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