New TV Show Looking For ‘Biggest And Loudest’ Snorers

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Aug 2019 15:17
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There is a very specific type of frustration which only those who’ve slept beside an extreme snorer will understand.


The thunderous – yet horribly nasal – racket, the seismic pillow shaking, and that blessed moment when you think it’s finally finished before it all kicks off again with a phlegmy vengeance.

A, erm, close friend of mine was one faced with such a dilemma following a romantic encounter, and lay awake for hours wondering if it would be a complete deal breaker if she accidentally-on-purpose nudged him out of bed…

Snoring sleep TV show participantsSnoring sleep TV show participantsPA

Of course, for the snorer in question, bedtime is no sweet dream. Not only can it lead to being exiled to the couch, it also can be the result of health concerns such as nasal infections, allergies or a deviated septum.


According to the NHS, snoring can sometimes be caused by a condition such as sleep apnoea, whereby a person’s airways become temporarily blocked during sleep.

Snorers therefore need support and understanding, whether that means helping them to adjust their lifestyle habits or simply investing in a decent pair of earplugs.

The effect snoring can have on a relationship can be substantial. Fortunately, it looks like such couples will finally get the chance to have their voices – and snores – heard.

Snoring sleep TV show participantsSnoring sleep TV show participantsPA

A new TV show is seeking ‘some of Britain’s biggest and loudest snorers’, with filming due to begin in September.

A spokesperson for Firecracker Films has made the following call to action:

Is your partner’s snoring ruining your life? Is sleep a long and distant memory? Are you at the end of your tether? If so, we want to hear from you.

Firecracker Films is making an exciting new show for a major terrestrial broadcaster and we’re looking to find some of Britain’s biggest and loudest snorers.

We want to hear from fed-up partners who’ve simply had enough.

It’s not yet clear which channel this – as of yet unnamed – show will be broadcast on, however Firecracker Films are behind hit Channel 4 shows such as Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and The Sex Clinic.


It’s also not yet understood which aspect of snoring this show will focus on, although it does appear there will be at least some sort of focus on relationships.

I will be setting my alarm for this show, it looks to be anything but snooze-worthy…

You can apply to take part here.

Otherwise, you may want to try and get hold of one of these beds that move your partner when they snore.

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