Nic Cage Offers His Opinion On The Superhero Movie Craze

nicholas-cage-con-airTouchstone Pictures

Nicholas Cage, voice of reason in a chaotic world, has commended the state of superhero movies in 2016.

In spite of his universally panned turn in the eponymous Ghost Rider, he has spoken in an interview with Collider, praising both Marvel and DC properties:

Cage said:

I thought Civil War was excellent. I thought Batman v. Superman was excellent. I thought Will Smith was great in Suicide Squad. I think that the genre is in good shape.


This revelation came from an interview to promote his new film  Army of One, in which Cage plays Gary Faulkner in a true tale of a man sent on a mission by God to Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden with a sword.

Despite his absence from superhero films (not counting Big Daddy in Kick Ass of course), it has been a genre with which Cage has history.

It only seems two minutes ago that the Tim Burton/Nic Cage Superman movie was in the works.

It is interesting to wonder what the state of the superhero genre would be in if this collaboration had brought the Man of Steel to the big screen.

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It does seem that Cage is on the money, however. 2016 has seen 4 hero-filled flicks alone and both Marvel and DC have titles scheduled up to 2020.

So for once it appears that Nic Cage isn’t completely bonkers, new film aside.

We’d still love to see that Superman film though.