Nicolas Cage As Every Game Of Thrones Character Is Hilarious


I’m dead, actually dead. This set of pictures of Nicolas Cage as the Game of Thrones cast has made me so happy I’ve died.

If you’re a huge Thrones fan like myself, then be warned these pictures might creep you out on a deep emotional level. However, there is no denying the acting range of Nicolas Cage after seeing Reddit user CarlosDanger100’s amazing work imagining the National Treasure star into ‘Cage of Thrones’.

Even Bran Stark looks shocked at the weird perfection of this Photoshop work.

It’s safe to say that if Nicolas Cage and Jon Snow swapped places he never would have died in the first place. Or maybe he would have come back as a ghost rider?


Cage as Stannis might actually have been an excellent piece of casting, especially in season two when he faces off against his own brother.


Ned Stark might have been a trickier role for Nicolas cage to inhabit, he doesn’t have the experience of dying that Sean Bean brings to the table. Not to mention that when shit hits the fan Cage is gone in 60 seconds.


Seeing Sansa like this is just confusing.


This is more like it, Cage makes a terrifyingly convincing Lannister Lord of war.


He’s slightly less kick-ass as an angry Arya Stark.

Hodor Cage would be my absolute favourite in the this list…


However, Ramsay Bolton Cage is just pure perfection.