Nigel Farage Offered Serious Cash To Do I’m A Celebrity


You know who I’ve missed seeing on the TV since the EU Referendum? Nigel Blooming Farage.

Trousers appear positively monochrome now that Farage has stepped out of the limelight. I can’t remember the last time I saw the inside of a pub on the news now that UKIP has lost it’s ciggie smoking leader.

If you’re also missing the sight of Farage’s grinning mug smugly sipping from a warm sturdy ale then your prayers may have been answered.

The producers of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! are keen for Nigel to jump into the jungle, reports The Mirror.

That’s right, Nigel Farage could be in I’m a Celebrity. Nigel Farage in a jungle. Nigel Farage eating Kangaroo testicles. Nigel Farage thousands of miles away.


This has to happen.

I haven’t wanted anything this much since Lego released Skull’s Eye Schooner Pirate Ship in 1993.

It could totally happen too, ITV are very good at getting politicians onto the show. Previous MPs on the show include; Edwina Currie, Lembit Opik and Neil Hamilton. Although technically Farage isn’t an MP.

Farage’s calendar is looking pretty clear too since he stepped down as UKIP leader and convinced the country to make his role as an member of the European Parliament completely redundant.


ITV are apparently working hard to secure the 52-year-old millionaire man of the people by offering him £250,000 for just a few weeks work.

He’s pretty unemployed now so this payday could mean he doesn’t have to join the dole queue and be brought face-to-face with the generation of young people whose futures he’s sold down the river.