Nikki Grahame Has Had Another Meltdown And It’s Her Best Yet


If you thought Nikki Grahame couldn’t top her epic tantrums, think again.

Famed for her meltdowns during her time in the Big Brother UK house, the reality star is up to her old tricks again as she takes part in the Canadian version of the show, this time for being forced to eat ‘slop’ – and it’s textbook Nikki.

Slop, as Big Brother watchers will know, is a blended mix of god knows what that housemates are forced to eat from time to time as a punishment. And Nikki can’t handle it.

Skip to 1:23 for the real entertainment:

While she initially admitted she was ‘trying to be calm and rational’ about the situation, it definitely didn’t last, and the 33-year-old quickly turned to a meltdown of spectacular proportions, claiming that she couldn’t ‘bear to be in this asylum any more’.

She went on:

I’m self-combusting, that’s what’s happening. Oh God, why does everyone think it’s okay to be in this torturous environment?

I’ve got no-one in this shithole – I just can’t take it anymore. I just can’t. I can’t wait to get out.


She added: “I’ve just had enough, I can’t take it anymore,” before taking her frustrations out on a bathroom mirror.

Despite her massive meltdown though, Nikki was eventually talked round by her housemates who helped her cook a plate of slop.

But it looks like she still isn’t keen on the idea. Whispering to ‘Big Brother’ on her microphone, she said: “I have thought of a really good coping mechanism though, and that would be prescription drugs.” Maybe they’d help calm her tantrums, too.

Here’s a compilation of Nikki’s greatest meltdowns – just because: