No One Can Work Out Which Woman Is Dean Gaffney’s Girlfriend

Dean GaffneyGetty

Dean Gaffney has left quite a few of his Instagram followers a little confused after sharing a photo of his girlfriend and two daughters.

The 38-year-old former Eastenders actor, posed with his 19-year-old twin daughters and 23-year-old girlfriend on a night out – but not everyone can work out which of them is his girlfriend.

izzy1209I said: “Can’t tell which are daughters and which is girlfriend! @deangaffney1”, while bonniebrockie was equally confused: “The girlfriend looks the same as the daughters ,which is which ?”

User hannxm thought they’d worked it out: “128 obviously the girl on the far right is his girlfriend. She looks nothing like the two other girls which look identical, as they’re his twin daughters.”

It depends whether they mean the right of the photo – or Gaffney’s right, but it is in fact the lady on Dean’s right who is his girlfriend Rebekah.


According to The Mirror, Dean had his daughters, Charlotte and Chloe, with ex-girlfriend Sarah Burge, who he dated for 22 years from the age of just 15.

However, the couple split in June last year after Dean was apparently photographed with a ‘blonde dancer’.

At the time Dean said:

When you meet someone when you’re 14 or 15 you need to grow.

You might need to grow together, or you might need to grow separately. At the moment we’re growing.

But to be fair, a quick look at his Instagram reveals that Dean has been having what looks like a whale of a time over the last few months.

Who knew being a forgotten soap star could be so much fun?