Noel Edmonds Earned Staggering Amount For Just 11 Days In The Jungle

Noel Edmonds I'm A CelebITV

Noel Edmonds was shocked, as were the public, that he was the first celebrity to be voted out of the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

To be fair, despite only being in there for 11 days, the Deal Or No Deal star earned an incredible amount of money.

Edmonds, who arrived late to the show, will be a big blow for bosses who forked out a small fortune to secure him in the first place.

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After just 11 days in the jungle (he only entered on day five), it’s likely to be the easiest pay check the TV presenter has ever had.

Speaking after he was voted out, Noel said:

I’m disappointed and relieved in equal measure and so excited that I’m going to be back with [his wife] Liz.

Since I came in here I have said I was just going to be myself, just open and honest. I haven’t done anything for effect and I certainly haven’t lied.

I’m humbled and proud to have been part of it.

Noel Edmonds I'm A CelebITV

It makes sense he wasn’t too gutted, as he earned a staggering £600,000 for his 11-day stint, report the Mirror.

If you break it down, the presenter was earning £54,545 per day, £2,272 per hour, and £37 per minute.

Before Noel was voted out, the groups in the jungle were challenged to down revolting concoctions like blended pig eyes and orange juice infused with blended crocodile anus.

Confident his group would not face the public vote, Nick Knowles turned to his team and said ‘winner takes all for his, I want immunity’.

The Galahs, formerly in last place, triumphed with a total of six points so Dec announced they had to go to a tie breaker.

Noel Edmonds I'm A CelebITV

John Barrowman, along with Edmonds, were selected to complete the tie-breaker challenge which consisted of drinking ‘crap-ple juice’ – a mixture of blended cockroaches, mealworms, and crickets.

After Edmonds spilled most of the gruesome mixture down his front – despite finishing first – Barrowman was named the winner.

In his short time on the show, Noel’s also been accused of ‘using a secret code’ to communicate with the outside world.

In one episode 69-year-old Noel got misty-eyed when a letter from his wife Elizabeth Davies was read out to him.

In it she said: ‘Love is a friendship set on fire and you are my eternal flame.’

Noel Edmonds shocked I'm A CelebITV

Now, an insider has told The Sun how Noel managed to say hello to people not in spitting distance of a kangaroo’s testicle.

They said:

Noel said he was going to send out messages to Liz, telling her he loves her and how he’s doing. He has a secret code for that.

But he didn’t explain to anyone else how he would do that.

This year’s I’m A Celeb has had an Ant-shaped hole in it and many viewers have missed Dec’s right-hand man.

Some viewers are actually claiming they prefer Holly Willoughby though.

It’s no wonder Noel chose ‘deal’ when ITV offered him this one.

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