Not Everything Was As It Seemed With The Wedding On Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway


Viewers had their minds blown last night when they tuned in to Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway to the bizarre sight of a couple getting married to each other with Ant acting as the registrar. 

Of course a lot of the show’s fans were less than impressed with most saying that it’s embarrassing to get married on live television, the Mirror reports.

So it’ll probably come as a great relief to those miserable sods that it wasn’t actually a real wedding. Yes, it was all just for show, can you believe they’d do such a thing for television of all things!

Many fans seemed to have been brewing up when Dec points out during the show that as neither he or Ant are qualified registrars, nor is the studio an approved site to conduct a wedding, so any ceremony they conducted would be as legal binding as a particularly slack elastic band.

So the pair were already married when the whole debacle took place, meaning that it wasn’t just cringe worthy it was fake too.

People took to the Internet’s megaphone, Twitter, to shout their anger about TV faking something.

Thankfully some people had there has their head screwed on.

Well, it was all a bit of fun at least…