Ofcom Receives 650 Complaints Over Love Island Scene With Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer Love IslandITV

Television watchdogs, Ofcom, were inundated with 650 complaints following last night’s episode (July 1) of Love Island.

Now before you get clever, no, the complaints were not about the shows ‘quality’ – although I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit part of me was hoping that’s what they were actually complaining about.

Instead, viewers accused the ITV show of leaving Dani Dyer – daughter of actor (and crown jewel 0f East London) Danny Dyer – in floods of tears.

Fans of the show called out the executives for leaving Dani in tears after she was shown a clip of boyfriend, Jack Fincham, reacting to his ex-girlfriend, Ellie Jones, arriving in the villa, according to the Huffington Post.

The two lovebirds are living separately due to some ‘rule’ called ‘Casa Amor’ (whatever the hell that is), and last night’s episode gave the girls a chance to see what the guys have been up to.

Viewers took to Twitter to rage at ITV and Love Island bosses for not revealing to Dani that Jack has stayed absolutely loyal to her.

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham on Love IslandITV

Ofcom was contacted by the Huffington Post, who confirmed they’d received 650 complaints from people regarding last night’s episode.

They said:

At this stage there have been 650 complaints from last night’s Love Island specifically relating to Dani being shown the video of Jack, these will be assessed against the broadcasting code before a decision is made whether or not to investigate.

I’ve just had an epiphany, Love Island is like that one friend who can’t find a suitable partner so decides to mess with other people’s relationships, because if they’re not allowed to find happiness no one else is either.

Love Island is just a bitter, angrier version of Gossip Girl, and ITV is its only friend so in their bitterness, they decide to make everyone around them just as miserable.

I also find the title Love Island quite misleading, has anyone on that show actually found ‘love’ (if so, my apologies I obviously don’t watch this show). May I suggest they change its name to ‘Sun, Sea, Sex, and No Attachments’? It’s a working title guys, give it some time.

Dani dyer crying on Love Island

While Jack was suitably shocked by Ellie’s arrival, he later told the other Islanders that he’s in love with Dani and has also been sleeping outside so he doesn’t have to share a bed with another girl.

What kind of shoestring budget is Love Island running where they can’t give this guy an air mattress? Come on ITV!

Tonight’s episode will see the main group of Islanders reunited with one another, where an ‘explosive recoupling’ will go down.

Last Friday, (June 29) saw ever-opinionated Piers Morgan backtrack on his criticism of the Love Island contestants during the first episode of Good Evening Britain.

This was because Dani’s dad, Danny, (try saying that without getting your tongue in a twist) was one of the guests.

Danny Dyer in EastendersBBC

Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than watching a professional troll squirm.

Love Island airs every night, except Saturday, on ITV2 at 9pm.

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