Old Enemies Piers Morgan And Jeremy Clarkson Reignite Feud


Piers Morgan has reignited his feud with former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.

The pair have never been bosom buddies, with Clarkson even lamping Morgan back in 2004, and it’s fair to say Morgan is reveling in the uncertainty which surrounds Clarkson’s latest venture with Amazon Prime.

Along with James May and Richard Hammond, Jezza left the BBC in a blaze of controversy, and their new show on Amazon is reportedly struggling to even conjure up a name.


As reported by the Huffington Post, Morgan told the Radio Times:

I never watched the old ‘Top Gear’, because my right temple still has the scar from where Clarkson walloped me. Whenever he comes on screen, my temple twitches.

Out of pure curiosity, I probably will tune in. It’s only going to be watched by about 100,000 people, so they’ll have to get used to not being big stars in this country any more.


Rather than continue sniping in the media though, maybe Amazon should just stick these two in a ring to settle it. The fight would probably get higher ratings than Good Morning Britain or ‘to-be-named-motor-show’…