Old Photo Could Prove Matthew McConaughey Is Time Travelling Wizard


Yet again we are faced with a celebrity lookalike from a time long ago. 

Reddit user EmberRainbow uploaded this sepia image of an age old ancestor, under the caption ‘my great great grandfather looks just like Matthew McConaughey’, pointing out just how much he looks like the Oscar winning Texan.

And it’s undeniably true – he looks just like the Dallas Buyer’s Club actor, almost as if he is preparing for yet another exuberant role in a new film about the gold rush.

FaceThumb mconImgur / PA

One Reddit user referenced McConaughey’s cult film Dazed and Confused, writing:

That’s what I love about people in old photographs, man. I get older, they stay the same age.

Gramercy Pictures / Giphy

However McConaughey is just one in a whole set of celebrities with long dead lookalikes.

In the recent past, photos have emerged of a shit-ton of immortal celebs in past lives, ranging from actors and politicians, to voice actors and war generals.

If you asked David Icke, he’d probably say they’re all lizards.