One Of The Derry Girls Is 31-Years-Old And No One Can Cope

Channel 4

One of the female actresses from hit show Derry Girls is 31-years-old. Can you believe it? 

Obviously people well into their 20s usually get cast as teenagers in film and TV because, frankly, teenagers are too caught up in emotions and feelings to dedicate themselves to a decent performance on screen – aren’t they?

Yet this is a bit of a stretch – maybe not as much as the woman who played Rizzo in Grease, (who I think was 33 at the time of filming), but still quite special.

Channel 4

Don’t get me wrong here guys, I’m not pointing the finger at 31-year-olds and saying: ‘Ha! Look at you in your THIRTIES!’

My brother is 31 next year. At one point my dad was 31 – and they’re both stand-up guys.

Anyway back to Derry Girls. I’ve never watched it personally but by all accounts it’s an absolute banger of a show which follows the sh*ts and giggles of a group of teenage girls from – you guessed it – Derry in Northern Ireland during the troubles.

One of the girls, Nicola Coughlan – who plays Clare – is 31-years-old. Let me put this into perspective: when Coughlan was just one, it was 30 years ago. Sure is a mad world.

Yep, according to trusted source IMDB, Nicola was born on January 9, 1987 in Galway.

So it’s safe to say 2018 is, uh, well, it’s pretty crazy right?!