Only Actress Who Didn’t Wear Black At Golden Globes Reveals Why


Blanca Blanco has responded to the criticism she’s received for wearing a red dress to the Golden Globes on Sunday night.

The 36-year-old stood out of the crowd – who were mainly dressed in black in solidarity against the oppression and abuse of women in Hollywood – at the awards show in Los Angeles.

Some social media users immediately slated Blanco for deliberately rejecting the Time’s Up movement.

She quickly shut them down by tweeting ‘the issue is bigger than my dress colour #TIMESUP’ and this ‘shaming is part of the problem.

Others stood up for her, writing:

Women who are shaming you and questioning your integrity based on the colour of your dress and the style are part of the problem. We should support one another.

While another said:

How hypocritical of people to criticise Blanca Blanco for wearing a dress that they say supports ‘sexual misconduct’.

I thought it doesn’t matter what you wear?? If you’re going to believe in something, believe it at all times, not when it’s convenient for you.


One beamed:

YOU are Absolutely right! It is about Women being RESPECTED for making or NOT making a choice and NOT being penalized, criticized or ostracized for it.

It’s about being able to Express your femininity WITHOUT having to worry about being forced into ANYTHING! IT’S ABOUT RESPECT!

The ‘Time’s Up’ campaign proved a great success at the award show – it led to a particularly stirring speech from Oprah Winfrey, which made for some risque but unavoidable gags courtesy of host Seth Meyer.

Actress and TV presenter Winfrey was given the Cecil B DeMille lifetime achievement award and said she was ‘humbled’ by it, stating she needed to ‘elevate what is happening’ in Hollywood ‘instead of continually victimising ourselves.’

She continued:

It was very important to all of us involved with Time’s Up that it not just be about the women of Hollywood because we’re already a privileged group but to extend to the women of the world because as I said, tonight, there isn’t a culture, a race, a religion, a politic, a workplace that hasn’t been affected by it,

What a night it turned out to be.