Oprah Attempts And Fails To Sing Along To Adele In Hilarious Video

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Oprah Attempts And Fails To Sing Along To Adele In Hilarious Video@oprah/Twitter

A recording has shown Oprah Winfrey awkwardly getting the lyrics wrong to one of Adele’s best hits.

Fair enough, the next day, when I look back at my Snapchat story from the night before at a gig, I am usually making no sense, a good 10 notes out of tune and sometimes even singing a completely different song altogether.


But getting the lyrics wrong to one of Adele’s most famous songs is quite shocking.

Unfortunately for Winfrey, she didn’t just look back at her camera roll in shame, she actually posted a recording of herself on Twitter and it inevitably ended up going viral.


Ahead of Adele’s latest album, 30, which is set to be released on November 19, the star sat down with Winfrey for a tell-all interview.


During the two-hour special, the Easy on Me singer spoke about what inspired her new album, from her journey with her weight to her divorce.

Despite the heavy anticipation surrounding Adele’s upcoming album and the star-studded group of celebs who attended the pre-recorded concert featured in the special, Winfrey ended up stealing the show.

Oprah Doesn't Know Words To Adele (Alamy) Alamy

The host certainly gave it her best, as she haphazardly guessed a few of the lyrics, choosing to use her hand to emphasise her enjoyment of the tune instead. However, she ultimately left fans in stitches with her attempted rendition of Hello.


The post Oprah shared of herself and Lizzo singing along to Adele has since amassed over 20,000 likes and 2,00 retweets, however, the host has turned the comments off.

Followers took to quote tweeting the post instead to show their amusement. One said: ‘Mouthing the wrong lyrics is such a mood.’

Another wrote: 


When the song is good but you don’t know the lyrics. We’ve been there. Many times. We feel you.


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A third commented: ‘One about Oprah is that girl will SING, even when she doesn’t know the lyrics. I love her.’

As long as you do it with confidence, that’s all that matters right?

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