Orlando Bloom Mocked For His ‘Ridiculous’ Early Morning Routine

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Orlando Bloom Mocked For His 'Ridiculous' Early Morning RoutinePA Images

Orlando Bloom has been mocked by Twitter users after he opened up about his extravagant morning routine. 

Most people have some sort of ritual they go through after getting out of bed in the morning, but they usually consist of the same basic elements: wash, coffee, breakfast – that kind of thing.


But while the rest of us focus on just getting our brains into gear, Bloom is busy strengthening his hair and nails, hiking and thinking about how beautiful cows are.

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The actor discussed his morning routine in an interview with The Times, where he explained that he likes to ‘earn his breakfast’ by going on a hike beforehand, during which time he listens to ‘some Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots’.

Before setting off on his daily walk, Bloom enjoys – if that’s the right word – some ‘green powders’ that he mixes with ‘brain octane oil, a collagen powder for [his] hair and nails, and some protein’.


Bloom admitted the routine is ‘all quite LA’, though he does give a nod to his English roots when it’s time for breakfast at 9.00am.

The Lord of the Rings star described himself as ‘90% plant-based’, explaining he ‘sometimes look[s] at a cow and think[s], that’s the most beautiful thing ever’, so for breakfast he opts for ‘porridge, a little hazelnut milk, cinnamon, vanilla paste, hazelnuts, goji berries [and] a vegan protein powder’.

It’s not quite the same as a good old bit of toast, but he at least has some PG Tips to go with it.

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Bloom makes sure to always make an effort when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, explaining that there are ‘no tracksuit bottoms’ in sight, and he said he often spends time ‘dreaming about roles for [himself] and others – for minorities and women’.

Though the routine is undoubtedly a wholesome, healthy one, Twitter users couldn’t help but poke a bit of fun the actor for the excessive way he starts each day.

One person admitted they thought the routine was a ‘spoof’, while another wrote: ‘Just finished reading it and came on Twitter to find out if anyone else was as confused as I was. Thank you for confirming it’s not just me.’


A third baffled reader commented: ‘Not a Sh*t, shower, shave kinda bloke it’s fair to say.’

While many might not agree with Bloom’s habits, I’m sure it allows the actor to make sure he has a good start to each day. Each to their own, I suppose.


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