Oscar Winning Animator Reveals He Took LSD While Making Return Of The Jedi

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In a recent interview an Oscar winning Star Wars animator admitted that he took LSD while working on Return Of The Jedi.


Talking to Vice, Phil Tippet admitted he had taken the mind altering drug in between stints at the studio but then decided to return to work, reports Collectively Conscious.


He told Vice:

I took LSD when I was working on Return of the Jedi and it’s fine. It was, like, very calming.

And so I decided to go back to work. When I walked into the blue-screen stage, it was like, Ahhh. I took way too much.


Tippet went on to win the Oscar for ‘Best Visual Effects’ in 1984 as a result of his work on the film.

He is now 64-years-old and has had a long and successful career involving some of the most iconic movies of the last 30 years including Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Coneheads, Robocob and many others.

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However, according to Collectively Conscious, Tippet is far from being alone in his creativity being aided by recreational drugs.

Francis Crick – the scientist credited with discovering DNA – was taking psychedelic drugs when he made his groundbreaking revelation.

Possibly the most high profile case is that of Steve Jobs, who has frequently said his experiences with psychedelics were among the most important events in his life.

You can watch the entire Vice interview with Phil Tippet here:


I guess it actually goes a long way to explaining the creative genius and groundbreaking techniques used in a lot of those movies…

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