Pablo Escobar’s Son Has Found A Lot Of Mistakes In ‘Narcos’

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Warning: Narcos spoilers ahead.


Narcos has quickly become one of the most exciting and anticipated shows of 2016, but Pablo Escobar’s son has a bone to pick with its historical accuracy.


The show’s second season finally reached Netflix a little over a week ago, and after receiving critical praise, they’ve already commissioned a third and fourth season. But Sebastián Marroquín, son of the infamous Colombian drug lord, took to Facebook to call out the streaming service for its inaccuracies in depicting the life of his father.

Marroquin, who has spoken about his father on film and in his book, Pablo Escobar: My Father, listed off the mistakes in a Facebook post.

He described the twenty-eight points in detail, identifying at times what he described as lies about Escobar and his family:

Narcos 2 y sus 28 Quimeras.

Estimadas Amigas y Amigos, acá les comparto mi reflexión personal de la segunda temporada,…

Posted by Sebastian Marroquin on Tuesday, September 6, 2016


His post is a bit long, but the mistakes range from getting Escobar’s football team wrong, to falsely portraying his mother, and detailing how a trip to Germany was entirely different.

Marroquin also describes his uncle, Carlos Henao, as an architect and not a drug dealer. He describes him as ‘a great man, a hard worker, honest, noble and good father of the family’.

Another issue Marroquin points out is how Escobar was pictured as attacking rival drug lord Gilberto Rodriquez’s daughter at her wedding, but Marroquin explained that he never had an altercation with any member of the Rodriquez family.


Like many other TV shows and films based on a true story though, the show’s creators have made clear that they’ve never depicted the entire truth, with many aspects being exaggerated for dramatic purposes.

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