Pamela Anderson Will Only Go On Kardashian’s TV Show On One Condition

by : UNILAD on : 21 Dec 2017 13:12

Pamela Anderson said she’d feature on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on ‘one condition’.


The highly popular E! reality TV show, which centres around the Kardashian family, wants to show recent footage of Kim and Pamela at the Vivienne Westwood store in New York.

And if you know anything about Pamela, you’ll probably have already guessed what her ‘condition’ is.


Yep, the animal and environmental activist wants the family to stop wearing fur, TMZ reports.


According to the news site, a rep from Bunim-Murray, the production company behind the show, they sent Pamela’s team a release form to get the all-clear.

Presuming all would be ok due to the fact Pamela and the Kardashians are friends, so it seemed like ‘no big deal’. But sources said he team wrote back to say Pamela won’t sign an agreement ‘unless the Kardashians give up fur’.

Pamela has since retweeted the TMZ article which means it’s probably legit.

This won’t be news to the Kardashian clan because the former Baywatch star reportedly gave Kim a faux fur coat in an attempt to get her on board.

Good on her, I say.

It comes after major retailers in the UK were exposed for selling real fur despite advertising it as ‘faux’.

Boohoo, Amazon, TK Maxx, and Groupon were among the companies found to be selling real fur, advertised as fake.


The investigation by the charity Humane Society International and Sky News revealed customers had unknowingly been buying animal products.

Among the items described as faux fur were a £5 pair of earrings from Boohoo, they were found to contain real mink fur, and other products from the online retailer were found to be made from rabbit fur, writes the Independent.

Boohoo actually has an Animal Welfare Policy stating it had been approved by animal rights charity PETA.

TK Maxx was found to be selling a coat made from real fox fur, despite the product ‘description claiming the material was manmade’. The company had claimed not to have sold ‘real animal fur of any type’ since 2003.

Angela Smith MP, told The Independent:

In this day and age, when the cruelty of the fur trade is so well known, I would have thought that manufacturers and stockists would have more sense than to try and smuggle such vile products into the hands of well-meaning customers.

I will be calling on the Government to tighten up the regulations to ensure this kind of flagrant deception does not happen again and to help bring an end to this barbaric trade.


And Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party, has backed calls to ban imports of fur to the UK.


Imagine finding out that the socks or hat you’ve been wearing for months, thinking it was fur free, had in fact been made from rabbit or another animal. It’s a deplorable practice and these shops need to end this deception.

At the very least, we need a decent fur labelling law.  But that will only fix the problem in the short term. The simplest, most effective thing to do would be not just to maintain the bans on cat, dog and seal fur post-Brexit, but to extend the ban to all species.

Given the UK banned fur farming back in 2000, it’s completely perverse to be importing tens of millions of pounds of that same cruelty – or worse – from overseas.

Debates over the last few months, inspired by the BBC’s Blue Planet and the vote on animal sentience, have proven once again that we are a nation of animal-lovers. I urge our government to protect the well-being of animals, and take fur out of our shops.


Hear, hear!

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