Hilarious Video Shows Paul From The Chase Drunk At A Uni Party

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jan 2017 15:27

If you watch TV game show The Chase, it’s more than likely you know the name Paul Sinha.


He’s a qualified GP, comedian, broadcaster and most importantly one of the infamous ‘Chasers’ on the ITV daytime programme.


But in a video that emerged on Twitter, it seems the 46-year-old loves a good ol’ fashioned university house party just like the rest of us.

It all started on Thursday night when a guy called Dom on Twitter announced to the world that Paul was randomly round one of his mates’ house, hanging in the kitchen. As you do.


But a rather drunk-looking Sinha took things up a notch, after being encouraged to dab by fellow party-goers. It’s safe to say he didn’t disappoint.

Here it is in all its glory:


To be honest, this video throws up more questions than it answers. Like, why was he in someone’s university dorms? Is this a regular thing? Do Bradley and ‘The Chase’ crew also crash these parties? Who knows!?

At first, we questioned the legitimacy of this – but going by his Twitter it suggests he was hitting the booze that night.


Hey, it could just be a coincidence but it’s enough to convince us that he loves a good sesh just like anyone else.

Paul Sinha AKA ‘The Sinnerman’, we salute you.

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