Peaky Blinders Season 4 Coming To Netflix Next Month

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The fourth season of Peaky Blinders is coming to Netflix next month, meaning you can whet your appetite while waiting for the fifth – seriously though, how long do we have to wait?

After more than a year since it first graced our TV screens, season four is returning to our screens via Netflix. It came to an end just before Christmas last year, and the wait for more action has been long.

And although we still have some time to kill before season five hits our screens, we can now get our fix in the run up to it.

Take a look at the trailer for season four below:

The period drama began way back in 2013, and has since captured our attention with four spectacular series’, starring Cillian Murphy.

Since then, fans have been hooked and are desperate to find out what’s next for the Birmingham-based businessmen.

But while we wait, Netflix has given us the best Christmas present by announcing the addition of season four to the service:

The UK and Ireland Twitter account updated its followers earlier this morning (November 20), saying it would come to Netflix on December 19. Christmas has come early! Unless you’re not living in those parts of the world – sorry!

Making reference to the viral meme which has been going around recently – whereby ‘don’t say it’ is repeated multiple times – the tweet takes the mick out of itself by referring to the lack of Brooklyn Nine-Nine series five.

And while we wait for that to come back on our screens, we can comfort ourselves in the knowledge season five is officially in the works.

Last year, BBC confirmed Peaky Blinders would return in 2019:

And that isn’t all.

Earlier this year, the announcement was made how the show would be making the leap from BBC Two all the way to BBC One for the latest season.

A tweet by the broadcaster read:

By order of the #PeakyBlinders, we hereby issue @BBCOne with full membership to the Shelby family business! Welcome to the gang! [sic]

The director of BBC content, Charlotte Moore, explained the reasoning behind the move.

As reported by Digital Spy, she said:

Peaky Blinders is world class drama at the top of its game and the time has arrived for it to move to the UK’s biggest channel.

Steven Knight’s epic storytelling is authentic and utterly compelling and I want to give it the chance to be enjoyed by an even broader audience on BBC One.

We couldn’t have asked for a better response to series four and the impact it had with young audiences. This move will also give BBC Two more creative headroom to experiment with new drama.

Peaky Blinders Cillian MurphyBBC

What more could we ask for (apart from actually watching season five, obvs).

Since the announcement, social media has been rife with sneak previews of what’s been going on behind the scenes, showing the cast dressed up as our favourite gangsters.

An Instagram account for Murphy, who plays Tommy Shelby in the gripping series, has given us an insight into the production of the show.

The post read:

PEAKY NEWS! S5 filming starts tomorrow, Sept 17. The series is expected to air in Spring 2019 on BBC1. [sic]

Now, this is just a hunch but, I have a feeling Tommy Shelby is going to be facing some intense situations in the next season of the show.

Bring on season five – can’t wait!

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