People Are Subscribing To Disney+ So They Can Binge-Watch Recess

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Apr 2020 19:04
People Are Subscribing To Disney+ So They Can Binge-Watch RecessDisney+

It’s a pretty bewildering time, to put it lightly, and sometimes it feels like far too many people are pushing you to learn the violin while simultaneously finishing War and Peace.

But sometimes tangling yourself up in online yoga knots just doesn’t cut it, and wading through a list of genre-defining, prestige dramas can, let’s be honest, feel a little too heavy to engage with right now.


Allow me instead to suggest a return to the kingdom of Recess’ Third Street Elementary School, to a time when we all lived in fear of The Ashleys being mean to us, and when we all wanted Miss Grotke to be our teacher.


Yup. Disney+ is the gift that keeps on giving, and – should you so wish – you can re-watch episode after episode of Recess, all while pretending you’re ten years old again with your Saturday morning stretching out in front of you.

The first three seasons, from 1997 to 1999, of the hit cartoon series are now readily available on Disney+, as well as two 2003 spin-off movies, Recess All Growed Down and Recess Taking the Fifth Grade.


For those who – shockingly – might be unfamiliar with Recess, the show follows the adventures of charismatic elementary school pupil T.J. Detweiler and his pals as they navigate the laws and the hierarchies of the playground.

The quirky, wise-cracking gang includes athletic Vince, tough-girl Spinelli, clever Gretchen, kindly Mikey and shy new kid on the block, Gus. It’s a unique show in many ways, complete with ferocious kindergarteners and a literal ‘King of the Playground’.


Needless to say, those who watched the show religiously as kids have been drawn in once again by its siren call of nostalgia and genuinely smart jokes. Many have even been persuaded to subscribe to Disney+ for the express purpose of binge-watching this childhood fave.

As one person tweeted:


On my second hour of watching Recess, and not to be dramatic but Disney+ is the best investment I’ve ever made.

Another said:

I might get Disney+ PURELY because it has Recess the TV series and all three movies. That was my childhood right f*ckin there don’t @ me

A third person demanded:


Why am I just now discovering that Recess is on Disney+?? Oh yeah, y’all won’t see me for a while.

For those who are really into their ’90s cartoons, you can also catch three seasons of Doug on Disney+, as well as the 1999 film Doug’s First Movie.

I know where I’ll be for the next few days…

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