People Can’t Cope With This ‘Scottish Jennifer Aniston’ Lookalike On Jeremy Kyle

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Jeremy Kyle Show viewers lost their shit the other day when a guest who they thought bore a striking resemblance to Jennifer Aniston appeared on the show. 

While I’ve got to admit the only similarities I can see are that they’re both women with faces, the audience seemed to believe they were doppelgangers and who am I to disagree with such esteemed commentators?


Even Jezza himself got in on the act, calling her the ‘Scottish Jennifer Aniston’, real name Zoe, who’d appeared on the show because she suspected her partner David was cheating on her, The Mirror reports.

In fairness, I suppose if you squint a bit you could mistake her long red hair and face shape for the Hollywood star, but it’s a bit of a stretch.

Her thick Scottish accent also separates her from her apparent double, and audiences really struggled with her thick accent and dialect.

Although some people shared my thoughts about the alleged ‘lookalike’…

Turns out that dodgy David was cheating on Zoe according to a lie detector test, not that the audience cared – they were far more concerned with her famous lookalike.

Seriously though, they look nothing alike!