Peppa Pig Criticised Over Father Daughter Relationship

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Of all the shows you expect could be called out, children’s programme Peppa Pig probably wasn’t one of them. 

However, the children’s program featuring a family of pink pigs and their piglets has since been analysed by a child behavioural expert, and apparently they’re critical of Peppa‘s relationship with her father.


Despite the show seemingly appearing harmless, ensuring snorts of laughter from young ones, it could apparently be doing more harm than good and promoting some conflicting messages upon children.

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Sophie Giles, a parenting and behavioural consultant and founder of the Gentle Start Family Consultancy, even advised that parents watch episodes themselves before letting children view certain series, The Sun reports.

‘You can’t always rely on what Netflix or whoever says because they’re invested in getting you to watch it,’ Giles said, warning against certain damaging messages being conveyed.


In conversation about Peppa Pig, Giles said the series could be seen to encourage children to exhibit disrespectful behaviour towards parents, through Peppa’s interactions with her dad.

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Peppa Pig Is Turning American Children ‘British’

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Giles said:

It is interesting how incredibly patronising [the way Daddy Pig is spoken to] can be in the English version, how the characters stress that dialogue and how the director allowed that to happen.

It can really skew what your child comes away with – and you know, kids love it!


The consultant also warned against other popular children’s shows, from PAW Patrol for its lack of female representation, to Little Princess being a ‘brat’ and even Fireman Sam as it could ‘encourage pyromania’. Is nothing sacred these days?

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