Peter Dinklage Reveals What Tyrion Was Thinking During That Jon And Daenerys Scene


Warning: Big Season Finale Sized Spoilers Fill This Story


It was the climactic moment of a major thread of Game of Thrones’ storyline that came together in beautiful sweet harmony.

But the boat based sex scene between Jon and Daenerys was tainted with a haunting view of Tyrion staring at the door as the aunt and nephew got it on. If you can taint incest, that is, the jury’s still out.

There were certainly a lot of implications in this voyeuristic nautical voyage, not least of which that Tyrion wasn’t best pleased at his queen and his good pal Jon doing the deed.

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But why was he so displeased? Surely he’d be absolutely buzzing that Daenerys has finally found someone who might temper her anger, and overjoyed that Jon has found someone that might mean he’s not such a dour shit all the time.

Plus, it’s fairly certain that he doesn’t know the two are related, so why so aggy?

Well, Peter Dinklage, the actor who plays Tyrion and all round great guy, is here to explain in an HBO video discussing the moment.


He said:

It’s dangerous for everybody involved. I’m sure it is good for both of them in the moment, but you don’t even get the relief of how beautiful it could be or should be.

No, it’s not good – it should be, but it’s not. It’s Game of Thrones, there’s a long history of romance not ending well in this show.


Tyrion knows better than anyone how loving relationships can tear family apart, after his betrayal by his father and Shae.

But it just so happens in this particular scenario, the family and the people in the loving relationship are in the same family!

So Tyrion’s looking on, knowing exactly what is going to come when there is an inevitable threat to the two, and someone is going to suffer for this.


Kit Harrington agreed with Dinklage in the video, saying that both Jon and Daenerys know what they are doing is ‘wrong’.

He said:

I think they both know it’s wrong, they both know it’s going to cause problems.

But it’s that thing – when you suddenly feel that deeply about someone and you go through those events together, it’s like a runaway train you can’t stop it happening.


Okay so we basically have confirmation that things are not going to go swimmingly for the happy couple, so we have that to look forward to.

We have a long wait until we get to head back to Westeros, so at least we have time to prepared.