Peter Kay’s Car Share Is Coming Back With More Episodes

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Nov 2017 19:19

Peter Kay’s Car Share left us on a bit of a cliff-hanger last season, with John still unable to tell his beloved Kayleigh his true feelings – except in his daydreams.


When Peter Kay said enough was enough, leaving his Fiat 500L parked and the story seemingly over, we knew he couldn’t be so cruel.

John and Kayleigh are the Ross and Rachel of Bolton and the public were genuinely devastated about not seeing the pair finally declare their love to the smooth tones of Forever FM.

A petition was even launched to bring the characters back for a more romantic conclusion, which gained more than 100,000 indignant signatures.


Now Car Share fans are finally getting the news they’ve been longing for – two brand new specials will be broadcast on BBC Two, which will hopefully prove to be satisfying?

A finale episode will be broadcast in 2018, finally revealing whether John and Kayleigh have truly hit a fork in the road, or whether they can indeed turn things up a gear?

Another intriguing improvised episode will be aired before then, which will see both comic actors improvising their way through one of their famously funny commutes.

After making a Children in Need appearance, Comic legend Kay made the following statement about the BAFTA winning sit-com’s return, report the BBC:

We were completely overwhelmed by the response and even though we’ve no plans to write a third series we knew we couldn’t end the story there.

Kay also revealed how the improvised episode – entitled: Car Share: Unscripted – will be aired at Christmas, which sounds like ideal Festive telly to us:

We were always very fond of ad libbing around the script when we were filming the series so we decided to see what would happen if we took the script away and just relied on just our chemistry alone, reacting to whatever came on the radio.


We cannot wait…

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