Phil And Holly’s Halloween Outfits Were So Good No One Recognised Them


Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby ‘won Halloween’ with their drastic makeovers on today’s episode of This Morning.

Dressed as Game of Thrones’ ‘Night King’, Schofe was completely unrecognisable, while co-presenter Holly was dressed in a unicorn outfit, complete with a rainbow tail.

Phillip revealed he had spent four hours in makeup with the HBO show’s prosthetics team – and his transformation was incredible.

See Holly and Phil’s Halloween make-overs here:

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Phillip said:

I’m a massive fan of the show. The chance to do this was something I couldn’t possibly pass up.

Because the Night King doesn’t speak, we all agreed that the first he spoke it wouldn’t be a brilliant idea if he spoke in my voice! So, I’m remaining totally in character.


Holly, talking about her co-presenter’s spooky transformation, said it was ‘literally the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen’.

She also said dressing up as a unicorn was the ‘best day of my life’.


I’m not joking, this is the best day of my life! I’m a real unicorn. I’ve got a tail! Love it.

The rest of the Good Morning team weren’t left out of the Halloween fun, Rylan Clark-Neal was transformed into Disney’s Maleficent and Alison Hammond was dressed up as Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Consumer expert Alice Beer dressed up as Wonderwoman and carried ‘Stanley the superdog’ onto set, who looked ridiculously cute in his little outfit.

Alice told viewers:

Three hours in make-up and some American tan tights, it’s amazing what you can do.


Doctor Chris was dressed as US president Donald Trump and appeared on the show alongside a Melania look-a-like, and carrying a pumpkin.


This food has been renamed a Trumpkin.

TV chef Phil Vickery was on the show as the Wizard of Oz character Tin Man, gadget expert Steve Wilson emerged onto the set from a haunted coffin and dressed as the Alice In Wonderland character, Mad Hatter, while Doctor Zoe continued the theme dressed as the Queen of Hearts.

Soap expert Sharon Marshall dressed as Wellard, the Alsatian from EastEnders – and let’s not fail to mention, agony aunt Deirdre dressed up as Star Wars’ Yoda.

Viewers were quick to comment about the ITV team’s ‘extra’ costumes, with some not realising it was Phil at first:

Holly also posted a photo of her with the Night King on her Instagram account:

Night Kings gal! ?

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But this is not the first time the presenters have embraced the Halloween spirit on the show. Last year Phil and Holly wowed their audience when they emerged on set dressed up as Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz.

Having originally started the show dressed in their normal attire, Holly and Phil took a 25-minute break from presenting to transform into the characters, as Rylan and Alison Hammond took over from them in the meantime, dressed as Antony and Cleopatra.


Don’t know about you, but we absolutely love this time of year, it’s a lot of fun.

Happy Halloween all!