Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby Have A Next Level Loyalty Pact

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Despite a two-year £2 million contract deal, Phillip Schofield said that if his This Morning co-host quits, so will he.


The 53-year-old presenter revealed that he and co-host Holly Willoughby have a pact – saying that if one of them decided to quit, the other would follow.

He credits the pair’s on-screen chemistry to the show’s success – which is a fair comment. The duo have tons of fans and have just won the National Television Award for the third time.

He told The Sun:


There’s no agenda there, it’s just the fact that we work together so well that the show’s successful.

You can never say never, whether ITV said ‘thank you very much, it’s been amazing and you go and play elsewhere or the other way round, but there’s certainly no plan. That would be a big day.

That scenario looks to be unlikely as Phillip has reassured fans they both just signed new two-year deals, and would talk about ending their reign together on the morning show if it came to it.

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The pair, who have quickly become British TV national treasures, also spoke to OK! Magazine about their partnership – and it looks like neither wants to work without the other.

Holly said:

We laugh together, we cry together – it’s just a brilliant partnership. It’s wonderful, I’m very lucky.

And she agreed with Phillip after he said that the duo ‘know each other really well’, and he wouldn’t want to do the show full-time with anyone else.

They definitely have chemistry. So for the sake of the fans, let’s hope neither quits anytime soon.

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