Phillip Schofield Takes The ’10 Shot Challenge’ And It Ends Hilariously


Phillip Schofield loves a good time doesn’t he and clearly can drink us all under the table after completing the ‘ten shot challenge’ on holiday. 

The silver fox is currently staying at the Kirkenes Snowhotel while on holiday in Norway, when he was presented with the drinking challenge last night.

Not one to let a chance to get slaughtered pass him up, the dad-of-TV lined up the shots on the counter and proceeded to down the mysterious green liquid, one after the other.


The dubious looking drink, looks like an Apple Sourz that’s been mixed with pond-water, but obviously that’s not an issue for the Schofield and he necked them back with ease…

His mate films his antics and as he slammed down the last glass, in true Schofield style, he turned to the camera and said ‘NICE’ before comically pretending to pass out.

The This Morning presenter posted the hilarious video on Facebook, only for it to gather 65k likes for his courageous behaviour.


He captioned it with:

I was the only one to accept the 10 shot challenge.

The ITV presenter’s fans flocked to salute him and offer their words of praise for his impressive achievement.

One went really far with their admiration:

 My life ambition is to be as great as Phillip.


Another said:

He is awesome, knows how to have a laugh and not take himself to serious love him!!!

And another commented:

When Phillip Schofield’s shot game is stronger than yours.

What’s more I bet he can do all that and still rock up to do his TV show…

What an absolute legend.

I reckon he’d be great on a night out…