Phillip Schofield Says ‘Model Looks Like She Has Gigantic Nipples’


Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are well-acquainted with the old faux pas.

Yesterday morning’s was particularly awkward when Phil, who meant to point out a ‘seamingly’ innocent observation, told a model she looked like she had ‘gigantic nipples’.

In the show’s fashion segment, Trinny Woodall was exhibiting a Christmas party outfit when Phil just couldn’t hold in his nipple observation.


On This Morning, Phillip said:

I’m going to be a bloke here, I’m thinking should I say it? Should I say it? I think there’s a problem here with the seams.

It looks like gigantic nipples.

When he realised he may have put his foot in it, Phil quickly backtracked, shouting: “I know it’s not you.”


Looking at the video, I can see what he was saying about the seams, they do come to a bit of a point… but don’t actually say it Phil!

Watch the cringe moment for yourself…

You can always rely on This Morning for a good quality gaffe.

Now all I can hear is Phillip Schofield saying ‘gigantic nipples’.