Photos Of Fully Shaved Chewbacca Will Give You Nightmares

Chewbacca Looks Very Different Without His FurWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Sun’s out, guns out and ladies up and down the country are whipping out their razors to shave away any pesky winter fuzz.

And getting in on the Venus-smooth act is famously hairy Star Wars hero, Chewbacca. Known for his proudly abundant body fluff, anti-metrosexual Chewie usually gives no hecks for your 21st century beauty standards.

However, now an artist from New Delhi has shaved away his majestic Wookiee fur – all ready for the sandy beaches of Kashyyyk – and he looks decidedly less cute and cuddly.

I mean, in all honesty, would you hug fully shaved Chewbacca?

Now, plenty of blokes can absolutely rock a freshly shorn summer cut. But I think I speak for many of us when I say this really isn’t Chewie’s style at all.

Not to say the eight foot, two-hundred year old doesn’t look perfectly, erm, becoming, in his own unique way.

Its just his canine features are far better suited to the shaggy, unkempt look. He was, after all, modelled after George Lucas’s pet Alaskan Malamute, Indiana.

According to the Denver Art Museum website, Lucas once (adorably) said:

I had an Alaskan Malamute when I was writing the film [Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope].

A very sweet dog, she would always sit next to me when I was writing. And when I’d drive around, she’d sit in the front seat.

A Malamute is a very large dog – like a 130 pounds and bigger than a human being and very long-haired.

Now, all Star Wars fans know Chewbacca is way more than just a ‘big walking carpet.’ He is an indispensable co-pilot and first mate on the Millennium Falcon who constantly shows just how heroic he is.

Much like a dog, loveable Chewbacca embodies many of man’s best friend’s most endearing characteristics. A fiercely loyal companion, he is also an extremely brave character and a comfortingly strong chap to have around.

However, nobody can quite get over how un-Wookiee-ish he looks without all his characteristic shagpile. Many have even pointed out he looks much more like Homer Simpson than a fearless space-travelling resistance fighter.

Some Star Wars fans have even been genuinely disturbed at the sight of their hairy hero’s eerily human like skin and sunken eyes.

One person shuddered:

No one, anywhere, ever needs to see this. I wish I never saw it. I quit twitter for tonight.

Another trembled:

How does someone think up something like this and sleeps fine?

However, others were not so sure on the accuracy of this reimagining; noting how the nose was a much different colour to the faithful snout we all know and love.

One person sneezed at the idea of any comparison:

I call BS. Compare noses

Another snorted:

What about the doglike nose?

As menacing as fleshy, nude Chewbacca may appear; his inner beauty still shines through like a star from a galaxy far, far away. You do you Chewie!

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