Piers Morgan Drops F-Bomb On Good Morning Britain At 6.03

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Good Morning Britain/ITV

Piers Morgan just set the record for swearing at the earliest point on live TV and wow is it awkward. 


The 52-year-old Good Morning Britain presenter woke the world up Wednesday (April 25) with a rather #naughty spot of language.

In a pseudo-heated exchange with weatherman Alex Beresford, Morgan accidentally let slip an expletive.

Co-host Susanna Reid had been describing how Alex had been ‘whimpering’ outside the ITV Studio doors when he arrived earlier that morning.

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He said:

Who are you? I’m TV’s Alex Beresford. I came in f**king fifth in the dance show on ice.

Beresford replied: “Oh, for crying out loud,” as Piers attempted to carry on with the show but the atmosphere was hella stifled.

It just goes from bad to worse for the presenter. Last month he appeared genuinely ruffled when Lior Suchard announced the first two digits of Piers’ PIN – three and nine if you are interested – live on air.

Lior held up the numbers on a huge notepad, clearly visible to mesmerised viewers at home. Fortunately for Piers’ bank balance, he wrote the other – equally correct – numbers out of sight of the cameras.

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Shocked co-host Susanna Reid quickly advised the outspoken presenter to change his pin code asap, with Lior jesting he would be using the bank details.

Reid was also bamboozled by the psychic, despite doing her upmost to hide her thoughts.

The self professed ‘world’s greatest mentalist’ correctly guessed what the 47-year-old presenter was thinking about, but this wasn’t even the strangest thing.

Not only did Lior guess she was thinking about a cat, he had posted a piccy of a cat to Instagram an hour before; so confident had he been about the inner workings of Susanna Reid.

A mentalist and ‘mystifier’ of international renown, Lior has sent many a famous head spinning, from Barbara Streisand to Kim Kardashian.

Then, as if 2018 is completely out to get him, Morgan fell victim to a lewd cartoon depicting him brown-nosing President Donald Trump.

The image was broadcast on BBC Two programme The Mash Report, during a segment by comedian Rachel Parris who was talking about the recent interview between Morgan and the US president.

Parris compared the interview to that of Richard Nixon and David Frost back in 1977, saying: “The staging hinted at a great intimacy between the two men.”

Morgan took to Twitter to express feelings towards the image, posting it three times in the process, questioning how it would have been received if it were a female journalist and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.


So not a fantastic four months for the big lad.

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