Piers Morgan Reduces Mum To Tears On Live TV


Piers Morgan has yet again come to blows with a guest on Good Morning Britain, criticising her parenting skills and bringing her to tears.

The antagonistic journalist branded Sarah ‘the worst kind of parent’ during the heated exchange on live television this morning.

Sarah Louise Bryan, a fashion designer and mum-of-two, appeared on the show to defend herself against naysayers after she was embroiled in controversy regarding her daughter’s shoes.


In case you missed it, Sarah came under fire when she admitted to buying her daughter, Isabella, over 60 pairs of shoes from expensive Spanish designers.

When three-year-old Isabella returned from a playdate with scuffs and permanent pen on a pair of red patent leather booties that cost her mum £325, Sarah immediately emailed the woman who had been looking after Isabella, attaching an invoice for the cost of the shoes and requesting she pay immediately or face legal action.

Parents have expressed outrage regarding Sarah’s extravagant taste in her children’s clothing, claiming she should ‘just let kids be kids’.

Of course, Piers was quick to weigh in on this debate when he interviewed Sarah on GMB.

Trying to defend her actions, Sarah asked the presenter:

If you sent your child somewhere to be looked after by a responsible parent and they came back with scratches on their body…

Abruptly cutting her off, Piers raised his voice to interrupted, saying, ‘But you’re not a responsible parent.’

Despite Sarah claiming the presenter has ‘no idea’ what sort of parent she is or her parenting skills, Piers persisted, saying, ‘You’re the worst kind.’

Sarah quickly broke down in the face of Piers’ tirade. With tears in her eyes, she replied:

That is awful. You have no idea about me or my past or my life. My daughter is healthy, happy and is up to date on everything.

I understand but I have had so much abuse [on social media], you don’t even understand. You have absolutely no idea. This is nothing to do with my parenting and it is not fair.

You know when I was younger I got abused and everything? And this is over a pair of shoes.


Sarah, who is a designer famed for making dresses out of unusual materials such as skittles, raw fish and even pubic hair, defends her actions.

Her daughter is signed to a baby modelling agency, and Sarah claims the expensive attire is in the name of a career in fashion.

My gorgeous girl is now represented with face modelling agency so happy for her ☺ #faceagency #minimodel #childmodel #model #girl

Posted by Sarah Louise Bryan on Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Whether you think it’s right to spend vast sums of money on shoes for a young girl or not, surely the online abuse Sarah has since received is more immoral then her extravagant spending?

Unfortunately, this incident proves that people are quick to judge, even though they’ve never experienced what it’s like to walk in Sarah’s shoes.