Piers Morgan Threatens To Slaughter Trophy Hunter And Hang Body On Studio Wall

Piers Morgan slams trophy hunterITV

It’s not often that I agree with anything Piers Morgan has to say, so no-one is more surprised than me that I’m writing this article.

But in a turn of events, he has spoken out against a trophy hunter live on Good Morning Britain, which he hosts alongside Susanna Reid. Not to say that I agree with everything he said during the argument, simply the premise.

In the segment in which the presenters debated highly controversial trophy hunting, they invited hunter Steve Jones to talk about his ‘hobby’.

You can take a look at what happened below:

Jones is a member of Safari Club International and defended his actions, saying slaughtering animals is what he and fellow trophy hunters ‘enjoy doing’.

Morgan was having none of it though, and interrupted immediately to say:

Right, so that’s enough is it? They just enjoy it? They just enjoy handing over a cheque, slaughtering great animals, bringing them back as a trophy, and posing for their gut-wrenching pictures with dead animals?

At this point, the trophy hunter tried to justify his actions by claiming it is vital to conservation; he gave the example that Kenya banned hunting and have now seen a 70 per cent decline in wild species.

However, the 53-year-old presenter refused to let him continue, interrupting him saying:

I’ll tell you what, rather than you conducting this interview, why don’t you just answer my question?

This was just the beginning though, and it wasn’t long before the two men got into a furious argument that resulted in the pair of them saying they’d like each other’s heads on the wall.

Morgan argued:

I might enjoy spearing you in the back and putting you on the wall in the studio. Would you like it if I tracked you down after you leave the studio, put a bow and arrow in you, skin you alive and put you on the wall here?

Would you like that just because I enjoy it? Maybe I would enjoy it Steve! So why shouldn’t I?

Yikes. Jones tried to make a joke out of the whole saga, by chuckling and saying, ‘I might enjoy spearing you too, I’d love your head on the wall.’

He then added:

I’m sure people would like your head on the wall more than mine.

It then clearly became too much for Jones though, as the presenter was relentless in his questioning and refused to drop his point.

Wearily, the trophy hunter said:

Maybe you’ve picked on a point I’ve said and you’re gonna persecute me for it, but what I’m trying to say is hunting is a significant contribution to conservation.

You’ve had a number of people on your show back this up, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recognises it’s a significant benefit.

Steve Jones argues with PiersITV

It was clear the two men were never going to agree; neither let the other get a word in edgeways and was only interested in driving their own point home, without compromise.

Regardless, probably the most surprising turn of events was the fact that Piers actually received support from his viewers at home.

Many took to social media to back him up, calling trophy hunting ‘disgusting’ and calling for it to be banned.

One person tweeted:

While another wrote:

And another expressed anger:

However, others criticised Piers’ interview techniques, accusing him of not letting his guest speak, repeatedly interjecting and talking over him.

They also branded him ‘hypocritical’ for still eating meat when he has such strong views on killing animals.

Another day, another Piers Morgan argument. I wonder what he’ll do next?

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